Digitale content creation using pen and paper.
Dimensionals software enables creating digital content using just pen and paper.

The apps are usable inside school workshops and at home!



Increased digitalisation of our society made sure there are two kinds of people on this planet : one group who knows how to create stuff inside the digital world, the other group who can’t.

To create a computer game you need a lot of knowledge about technology. Creating a 3D printable model and printing it is a bridge too far for most people.

Dimensionals brings these two groups together. You can create digital content using known and trusted analog creation tools like pen and paper.

With the advent of the homecomputers in the 70s and 80s it was possible to create your first program in basic :

20 GOTO 10

After entering this, you would look at the computer screen and be amazed as to how easy the digital creative process could be.

Groundbreaking technology


We are using the latest patented technology to enable you to create a beautiful digital world. The execution is very simple, just download one of our apps and experience it for yourself!


Our mission : to remove the barrier between the creative processes of the physical and digital world.

CreateYourGames : 1D


A 1 dimensional game is a game made out of text. In the 70s and 80s these were very popular and almost just as popular as the current blockbusters from the 20s

In CreatYourGame: 1D you are able to create your first text adventure with just a pen and paper.




CreateYourGames: 2D


A 2 dimensional game is a game with text and 2D moving images. The createyourgames app enables you to change ( skin ) the visual elements of your game on paper. After scanning this paper you can start playing your own 2D game!

CreateYourGames: 3D

A 3 dimensional game is a game with text, 2D moving images and 3D moving objects. Draw your 3D game on a piece of paper and after scanning it you are able to play it!


Iedereen kan creëren :pak een pen en papier en begin een spannende reis in de digitale wereld.



Imagine a 3D world rich with 3D animals doing what those animals do : swimming, walking, eating, sleeping… Using the createyourworlds app you are able to draw a pattern on a piece of paper and indicate which animal you would like to adopt this pattern. Scan your drawing and your animal will come to live in full color using your pattern!




The PaintYourWalls app enables you to design the graffiti on a virtual wall. Select any object from google maps streetview and start creating you design to fit the area you choose!



Using the designyour3Dprints app you are able to draw a line on a piece of paper. After scanning,  this line will be used to generate a 3D printable object. Design your own cup or necklace : let your creation go wild!



Bringing coloring into the 21st century!

Contact : info@dimensionals.xyz